About Me!

If you want to learn more about me, you’re in the right place.


Twitter is more of a look into my inspirations and such. Also has more of my censored NSFW!


Instagram will have most of my SFW art and other doodles!


Patreons will see all art first! Also all my uncencored NSFW art will be here. As well as most polls and extras!

My story

I started drawing when I was just a kid and knew all my life that I wanted to be an artist. I could express myself and put my feelings onto paper. When I was around 15 I made Luke. A pure baby that I thought of a friend. What I wanted as a friend. Soft, kind, and smart. Then came June she is basically a self insert. She is what I wanted to be. Some cool shape-shifter that was happy and loved the world. Getting babied by Luke. A platonic love and warmth. 


All of my characters are my babies and have bits of my life in them. Sometimes its subtle and sometimes very clear. If you know me personally you can tell very clearly if the time is taken. Able and Pan are from a dream I had, the stuck up angel and devil on my shoulders. Leo is from the life I had where when I felt my family wasn’t blood. Lastly Rose who is the soft baddie i want to be mine. 



What Kind Of Art Do You Make?

My Favorite is Digital NSFW, but I do all sorts!

Do You Take Commissions?

As of right now no but keep checking up on openings!

Do these characters have a backstory?

Yes! As time passes more info on charcters and other projects will be posted here so be sure to keep checking the site out!

How do you make your art?

I use a Gaomon tablet and Krita!

Who Makes the Music?

There are many people! All using their own programs that will be said in their portfolio.


Yes, in fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.