June Mayflower

Spice of your life

About Me!

Hello! I’m June! June mayflower! I was born… well I don’t know when I was actually born. I still have a birthday though! Its the day that Luke found me! June 22nd. Luke is my best friend! He’s the best! He takes care of me and is my master. He tells me not to call him that, Hansuke likes when I call him that though.. Humans are confusing. I don’t know much on where I came from. My friends say I have this thing called amnisha I don’t understand what that means. 

Likes N' Dislikes

My Favorite Squeeky Toy!

It is Green and has Alligators on it!


I really liked his music an now I really Really like him. He gives me pets and he has a really cool house!

Video Games

I like playing them a lot! I am not very good but Tao and Luke help me out! They call it carrying. They don't hold me though. Confusing.

Angry People

Why are they so loud? They yell and make fun of my ears.. Luke says theyre just angry. I dont know why.


Why do people like soggy cucumbers?! I love cucumber crunch! Very nice to chew on! Not pickles though.


Sticky sweat is yucky.

Camera Roll

Wanna See My Nudes?

Check out Peachy's Patreon! Thats where she posts all the NSFW art of me and my friends 😻

Pictures of Me!