⸸ August goals ⸸

Hello and thank you for your support!

I’ll be posting updates and goals here! As well as other things i may be working on or learning! A Peachy blog if you will. I want to be able to update and interact with you guys as much as possible. Especially in a way i can learn new things and better myself. Hopefully ill stick to it and we can all grow together and be able to look back proudly! <3

What Goals Id Like To Achieve in the Month of August:

  • Get a PO Box
  • Hit 500 Follows on Insta
  • Hit 1000 Follows on TikTok
  • Hit 550 Follows on Twitch

I know these aren’t crazy and exciting yet but I have to start small if I want to get anywhere. What are some of your goals for this month? Don’t be too hard on yourself.

2 responses to “⸸ August goals ⸸”

  1. Just to try and make something of my self someday, feel like I’ve let a bunch of people down I just wanna make myself happy someday.

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